The chill of winter is still in the air in most places. The dark of night falls early as well. But for lovers of golf (and other activities), willing to bundle up now, or in the summer, to escape the heat of day, LEDs may be bringing the answer.

According to Electronics360, lighting manufacturer Philips has outfitted an overseas golf course with LEDs. The course, Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort in Turkey, is already one of the most recognizable courses around the world by golfers as home to the Turkish Airlines Open.

Planning Required

To illuminate the 18-hole course, planners had to connect 120 remotely managed lighting poles from holes nine to 18. Those poles are only part of the LED lighting solution. There are also 379 LED lights connected to provide enough light for golfers to play and take in every swing through the course.

Additionally, the lights are able to be controlled by a tablet that can monitor each individual bulb. Essentially, golf course operators will be able to use LEDs to recreate natural daylight while also tinkering with the height of the poles to change the way the light is presented.

To determine the height and angle of each light pole, topographical data will be leaned on heavily. Doing so helps eliminate shadows during moments when golfers need the fewest number of distractions.

Because of the bright white lights LED bulbs provide, golfers will be able to track every shot and ball, even through the night sky.


Benefits of LED

In recent years, LED lamps (aka bulbs) have gained prominence outside the home. Major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York are all in the process of replacing current street lights with energy-efficient LEDs.

And even though these cities may lose the distinctive warm orange glow, the benefits outweigh any potential loss. In New York City alone, some 250,000 street lights are being replaced with LED bulbs. According to the NYC Department of Transportation, the city will save $8 million, annually, on maintaining these lights while also saving an additional $6 million on energy costs.

As LEDs have become more affordable, homeowners, industrial and commercial facilities and cities have made the transition and saved money, reduced their environmental impact, and even gained rewards through green rebates. With the addition of a golf course being outfitted with energy-efficient LED bulbs, it would seem the opportunities are lighting the way to change.


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