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Become a Nest Pro Installer

You will get professional pricing and terms, exclusive training and tools, live VIP support, and customer referrals direct from NEST to help your business grow.

Become a Nest Pro and you can sell and install Nest and Google products that your customer already wants.

ATTENTION ALL BSE RESIDENTIAL ELECTRIC/MDU CONTRACTORS… I’d like to introduce a new service that you can offer customers.

Here’s your pitch to your customer…

  • Adjust your home temperature and humidity remotely from your phone.
  • Answer the door when you’re not at home and see who’s at the door.
  • Don’t worry about the kids losing the front door key.
  • Use a simple security system and have the alerts come to you, then change screens to view your cameras and see what is happening.
  • Turn lights on/off randomly when you’re away—your home will appear to be occupied.
  • Your smoke detectors will actually announce which room smoke or heat is being detected.

All these functions become a reality with the Nest/Google suite of products (light switches by Leviton communicate directly with NEST).

BSE has recently entered into a distribution relationship to sell all of the NEST products. In just a few short years, the NEST thermostat (founded by the engineer who invented the Apple iPod) has become the second leading brand of thermostats sold behind Honeywell.

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