KyleAre you looking for an affordable, yet versatile LED high bay lighting fixture? We have a solution for you – the Lithonia JCBL High Bay.

First, let’s talk about the packaging. How many times have you received the call that your order is in, only to find out it was just the reflectors that shipped, and your fixtures are still four weeks out because they’re made-to-order? With the JCBL High Bay, most configurations are going to ship in a job pack, which means the fixture and reflector are in the same box.


Not only does the job pack improve workflow on the work site, but you can save time and money during installation by reducing the number of fixture types.

There are five reflector options with the JCBL:

  1. Specular aluminum
  2. Frosted aluminum
  3. Clear acrylic
  4. Frosted acrylic
  5. Polycarbonate

When viewing these options, it’s important to consider the desired amount of vertical luminance and up-light you want to achieve for our application. For mounting heights of roughly 15 feet or less, you’re going to want a low-bay lens. Acuity has several options – including both flat and conical – for your particular application. Close-up

It may not look like it at first, but the JCBL is very robust. The fixture is IP65 rated, and damp location and 6 kV surge protection come standard. It has 60,000 hours of L91 life (19 years, running 12 hours a day, five days a week), meaning that an estimated 91 percent of lumens are still coming out at 60,000 hours.

Additionally, this fixture has an operating ambient temperature range from -40 degrees Celsius, to 55 degrees Celsius. So, you can use this in a wide variety of applications; everything from freezers, to high-ceiling warehouses.

That’s it for now. We’ll catch you next time on Border States’ Behind the Counter.

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