How to Manage Warehouse Storage: 6 Helpful Questions to Ask


Developing an effective approach for how to manage your warehouse storage is part science and part art.

While you are limited by the physical amount of space in your warehouse, there are many creative ways to not only maximize space — no matter how small — but also to increase efficiency.

Still, there are some general concepts to keep in mind. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to determine how to manage warehouse storage space:

1. Are we maximizing our vertical space?

Stacking inventory and using as much vertical space in your warehouse as possible is a key way to increase the amount of inventory your warehouse can hold.

Another benefit of using vertical space is that workers can more easily navigate the facility, increasing safety. Because you will have less inventory cluttering the floor, the warehouse will feel more organized and workers will have a clearer path.

2. Do we really need this much inventory?

By minimizing the amount of inventory kept on-site, you can maximize your warehouse space. To do this, you will need to keep careful records of how your inventory is used.

Then, you can accurately predict how much you need to have on hand at any given time, and you can reduce excess inventory taking up valuable space.

3. Is our storage equipment the problem?

The equipment you are using to store and organize your inventory may be preventing you from using your warehouse space effectively.

Make sure the slots and racks you use are the best options based on the sizes of your specific items. You should also choose storage equipment that can best accommodate the most amount of inventory.

4. Are items organized in a logical way?

Storing similar items in the same area increases warehouse efficiency. Employees will have an easier time finding products if they are sensibly grouped together.

5. Can we use technology to help us?

Warehouse management technology can help you save money, improve accuracy and get insight into inventory usage patterns. Taking time to research the various options available will benefit you in the long run.

6. Have we thought about the future?

If you are planning to reconfigure your warehouse storage strategies, you should consider whether your needs will shift in the future so you can account for these changes when making improvements.

Assess your unique goals

If you are struggling with warehouse storage techniques, take a step back and consider whether your specific needs may require you to shift the way you use the space.

Your goals will dictate the exact measures that should be taken to improve your use of warehouse space. Our vendor-managed inventory and warehouse management services can help you determine the best way to streamline your processes.


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