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GUEST POST: The Knock-out Rewards of Reusables: Plastic vs. Corrugated

Looking for ways to gain more efficiency, savings, and profit from your material handling processes? Akro-Mils’ broad range of storage, organization and transport products can help.

The Knock-out Rewards of Reusables: Plastic vs. Corrugated

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) have many advantages over corrugated paper containers:

  • REUSABLE – RPCs can be used repeatedly with minimal wear and typically last anywhere from 20 to 100 times, versus a one-time trip with a corrugated box
  • DURABLE – Weather resistant, more rigid and nonabsorbing compared to corrugated paper
  • SAFE – No need for box cutters; no sharp edges or other risks to workers
  • RECYCLABLE – Recycled materials create less waste in our environment; material stamps on plastic containers facilitate recycling
  • SAVINGS – Reduces labor costs and costs per trip, and provides a rapid Return On Investment (ROI)

RPCs – typically plastic containers such as totes, trays, boxes, sleeves and bulk containers – are rapidly replacing paper corrugated cartons in a variety of manufacturing and distribution markets. More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies now have sustainability mandates, many of which include the use of returnable packaging!

Cardboard Boxes:

  • Waste space – different sizes of boxes awkwardly fill shelves
  • Degrade from absorbing oils and moisture
  • Have a one-time or limited time use – with frequent disposal and replacement

Eliminate Waste!

According to a study by the Reusable Packaging Association, RPCs:

  • Require 39% less total energy
  • Produce 95% less total solid waste
  • Generate 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions

Multiple reuses of RPCs result in lower environmental burdens than single-trip corrugated containers.

They are recyclable at the end of service life – providing an “eco-friendly” alternative to corrugated products and increasing your organization’s sustainability efforts. And Akro-Mils follows the voluntary material stamp guidelines to aid in quality and sustainability!

Cardboard Boxes:

  • Are not durable
  • Are not suited for a variety of applications or heavy items
  • Can become deformed or crushed under pressure
  • Are not water- or weather-resistant

Boost Efficiency, Productivity & Quality!

RPCs improve transportation efficiency through standardized loads, resulting in fewer trips and reduced fuel costs.

In the warehouse setting, they also reduce inventory – requiring less space and oversight.

RPCs can be traceable and trackable. They can feature label holders, label placards for easy removal of temporary adhesive labels, and the ability to use electronic tagging (RFID) devices.

Manufacturers dealing with paper cartons and packaging cluttering the shop floor, find cleaner, tidier and safer environments when plastic containers are introduced.

The result is a better-ordered production and warehouse area, with improved inventory control, better production flow and more efficient processes.

Cardboard Boxes:

  • Do not offer superior damage protection in transit
  • Create debris that is a slipping hazard for workers
  • Require workers to use sharp instruments to open the boxes

Protect Your Workers & Parts!

RPCs dramatically improve ergonomics and worker safety:

  • Elimination of box cutting, staples and broken pallets reduces injuries
  • Ergonomically designed handles and access doors improve worker safety
  • Standardized sizes and weights of packaging components reduce back injuries
  • Prevention of in-plant debris, such as stray packaging materials, reduces “slip and fall” injuries

In addition to improved safety conditions for workers, RPCs offer better protection of container contents. The rigidity of plastic containers helps to protect goods in transit against costly damage, and they are resistant to moisture and other contamination. They also provide secure stacking in transit or storage.

RPCs Make Good Business Sense

Why pay over and over for single-use cardboard products and easily broken wooden pallets – and then pay again to repair or dispose of them? Get more efficiency, savings, and profit from your material handling process with a broad range of Akro-Mils storage, organization and transport products that will…

Speed Efficiency

  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost Workspace Efficiency
  • Optimize Storage Space
  • Shorten Assembly Times

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce Packaging Costs
  • Maximize Parts Protection
  • Lower Transport Costs
  • Eliminate Solid Waste

The Akro-Mils Advantage

Akro-Mils is a leading manufacturer of plastic and metal storage, organization, transport and material handling products designed to improve inventory control and productivity in any setting:

  • Industrial Storage & Organization
  • Material Handling
  • Medical & Pharmacy
  • Home, Hardware & Craft

As the industry leader, we strive to continually provide our customers with innovative, quality products; unsurpassed customer service; and the fastest, most reliable shipping in the industry!

Unmatched Product Selection

  • Nest & Stack Totes
  • Attached Lid Containers
  • Straight Wall Containers
  • AkroBins®
  • Shelf Bins
  • ShelfMax® Bins
  • AkroDrawers®
  • Lean Panel™
  • Racks & Hanging Systems
  • Shelving Systems & Cabinets
  • Dollies, Carts & Platform Trucks

Custom/OEM Capabilities

  • Product Design & Engineering
  • Custom Molding
  • Metal & Wood Fabrication
  • OEM Solutions
  • Merchandising Systems

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