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CCPS43 SLC 500 & RSLogix 500 Maintenance & Troubleshooting 4 7/9/2019 7/12/2019 Albuquerque, NM (480) 489-3666
CCPS43 SLC 500 & RSLogix 500 Maintenance & Troubleshooting 4 7/23/2019 7/26/2019 El Paso, Texas (480) 489-3666
CCPS43 SLC 500 & RSLogix 500 Maintenance & Troubleshooting 4 9/10/2019 9/13/2019 Phoenix, AZ (480) 489-3666

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SLC 500 Processors
SLC 500 and RSLogix 500 Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Course Description
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Course Purpose
This skill-building course provides you with the necessary practice needed
to interpret, isolate, and diagnose common hardware problems related to
noise, power, and discrete and analog I/O. In troubleshooting scenarios,
you will be introduced to basic ladder logic interpretation, which is applied
to diagnostic tasks. You will practice these diagnostic skills by tracing
through ladder logic instructions in an RSLogix 500® project. An integrated
practice of multiple troubleshooting skills completes the training.
Course Agenda
• Identifying SLC 500 System Components
• Getting Started with RSLogix 500 Software
• Communicating with a SLC 500 Processor
• Identifying Memory Layout and SLC 500
System Addresses
• Monitoring and Entering Data
• Interpreting Bit Instructions
• Editing Ladder Logic
• Documenting an RSLogix 500 Project
• Searching Ladder Logic
• Interpreting Timer and
Counter Instructions
• Integrated Practice: Tracing Through
Ladder Logic
• Interpreting Comparison Instructions
• Interpreting Data Handling Instructions
• Interpreting Program Control Instructions
• Configuring and Previewing a
Project Report
• Creating a Histogram
• Forcing Inputs and Outputs
• Troubleshooting Noise-Related Problems
• Troubleshooting Processor and Power
Supply Problems
• Troubleshooting Discrete I/O Problems
• Troubleshooting Analog I/O Problems
• Integrated Practice: Maintaining and
Troubleshooting an SLC 500 System
Publication GMST10-PP209E-EN-E –September 2016 Copyright ©2016 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.
Supersedes Publication GMST10-PP209D-EN-E –August 2012
Allen-Bradley, LISTEN. THINK. SOLVE., Logix5000, PanelView, Rockwell Software, RSLogix 500, RSView, and SLC are trademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Trademarks not belonging to Rockwell Automation are property of their respective companies.
Who Should Attend
IIndividuals who are responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining SLC™ 500 systems using RSLogix 500 software should attend this course.
To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:
• Experience maintaining electrically controlled systems
• Working knowledge of programmable controllers or
completion of the PLC-5/SLC 500 and RSLogix Fundamentals
(Course No. CCP122)
• Experience operating a personal computer within a
Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME,
Windows NT, or Windows XP environment
Technology Requirements
All technology is provided for student use in the classroom by Rockwell Automation. It is not necessary for students to bring any technology with them when attending this course.
Student Materials
To enhance and facilitate your learning experience, the following materials are provided as part of the course package.
• Student Manual, which contains the key concepts, definitions,
and examples presented in the course and includes the
hands-on exercises.
• RSLogix 500 and SLC 500 Procedures Guide, which provides
all the steps required to complete common RSLogix 500
software tasks, including the tasks in the exercises. By
following the procedures in this job aid, you can immediately
apply what is learned in the course to your own job.
• SLC 500 and RSLogix 500 Troubleshooting Guide, which
contains diagnostic procedures that efficiently lead the user to possible maintenance and troubleshooting solutions.
Hands-On Practice
Diagnostic and problem-solving skills are sharpened through hands-on exercises using a troubleshooting guide and an SLC 500 processor linked to an interactive I/O simulator. Throughout the course, you will maintain and troubleshoot a real-world RSLogix 500 project that controls a simulated,
two-compressor, cooling unit.
Next Learning Level
Once you have mastered the maintaining and troubleshooting skills covered in this course, you may want to expand your logic and programming knowledge by attending the SLC 500 and RSLogix 500 Programming course. (Course No. CCPS41).
Course Length
This is a four-day course..
CEUs Awarded: 2.8
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