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ControlNet and RSNetWorx Configuration and Troubleshooting
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Course Agenda
Day 1
• Designing and Troubleshooting a
ControlNet Media System
• Going Online to a ControlNet
• Entering Scheduled ControlNet
I/O Data Connections for
Logix5000 Controllers
Day 2
• Entering ControlNet Messages for
Logix5000 Controllers
• Getting Started with
Troubleshooting a ControlNet and
RSNetWorx Network
• Isolating Faulty ControlNet and
RSNetWorx Media Using Signal
Measurement Equipment
• Isolating ControlNet and
RSNetWorx Network Malfunctions
• Isolating ControlNet and
RSNetWorx Network Malfunctions
Using LEDs and Mnemonic Displays
Day 3
• Identifying a ControlNet and
RSNetWorx Network Malfunction
Using RSLinx Software
• Troubleshooting a ControlNet
and RSNetWorx Network Using
RSNetWorx for ControlNet Software
• Troubleshooting a Scheduled
ControlNet and RSNetWorx
Data Connection for
Logix5000 Controllers
Course Number
Course Purpose
This course provides you with the skills necessary to efficiently design and
configure a ControlNet network. You will gain these skills from the ground
up, practicing each step in the design and configure process from choosing
the correct cable to configuring the connections that will transmit data from
ControlLogix® (Logix5000™) controllers and other devices across that cable.
This course also provides you with the skills needed to safely and efficiently
return a malfunctioning network to normal operation, including:
• Implementing a logical process for troubleshooting ControlNet
and RSNetWorx™ components
• Identifying problems with communications cards, cabling,
and other network hardware
• Applying best practices and network troubleshooting tools
You will practice each step in the network troubleshooting process from
verifying the media system to correcting connection configuration errors.
After completing this course, you will have designed a ControlNet and
RSNetWorx media system that will serve as the backbone of your network
and will have configured ControlNet and RSNetWorx-capable hardware to
behave as a deterministic and repeatable control network. You will also have
hands-on experience troubleshooting a ControlNet and RSNetWorx network
that can immediately be applied to your job responsibilities.
Publication GMST10-PP498E-EN-E – January 2018 Supersedes Publication GMST10-PP498D-EN-E– September 2016
Allen-Bradley, ControlLogix, LISTEN. THINK. SOLVE., Logix5000, Rockwell Software, RSNetWorx, and Studio 5000 are trademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Trademarks not belonging to Rockwell Automation are property of their respective companies.
The following prerequisites are required:
•An ability to perform basic Microsoft Windows tasks
•Experience with Windows-based programming software(Studio 5000® software) is desirable, but not essential.
Technology Requirements
All technology is provided for student use in the classroom by Rockwell Automation. It is not necessary for students to bring any technology with them when attending this course.
Student Materials
To enhance and facilitate each student’s learning experience, the following materials are provided as part of the course package:
• Student Manual, which contains the key concepts, definitions,and examples presented in the course and includes thehands-on exercises.
• ControlNet and RSNetWorx Procedures Guide, which containsclear and concise step-by-step procedures for performing thetasks addressed in class, as well as other tasks associated withthe configuration and management of a ControlNet networkusing a variety of software tools.
• ControlNet and RSNetWorx Troubleshooting Guide, whichcontains easy-to-use flowcharts and graphics to helpstudents complete the troubleshooting tasks presented inclass. The guide covers troubleshooting ControlNet devicesusing hardware status indicators, software diagnostics,and signal measurement equipment and also covers mosttroubleshooting situations in the plant environment
•ControlNet Coax Tool Kit
Provided Tools
Students attending this course will receive hands-on practice terminating coaxial cable. To practice these skills and perform them effectively on the job, each student will receive a ControlNet Coax Cable Tool Kit as part of the Student Package. Each kit contains the following tools:
•Cable strip tool•Crimp tool
•Utility knife• Wire cutters
•Calibration/flare tool• Terminators and connectors
Hands-On Practice
Hands-on practice is an integral part of learning and this course offers extensive hands-on opportunities. Using network software and a workstation containing real and simulated hardware components, students will practice isolating network malfunctions, reading diagnostics, and correcting configuration errors. This experience can then be directly applied to the students’ ControlNet applications..
Course Length
This is a three-day course.

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