You have all seen them, the lights in the distance on the open plain. To the farmer, they are the way home. To a child coming home late, they are security. But to a municipality, they are a bit of a maintenance headache. We’re talking about dusk-to-dawn light fixtures, also known as security lights or barn lights. They are the lights you might take for granted. One doesn’t realize how dark it is until this light goes out. These lamps are usually supplied by your local utility, and have been the same fixture type for generations, possibly even the same lamp burning only about ¼ of its initial light output.

This once simple solution is now available as an LED fixture, offering efficiency, long life and reduced maintenance. With a variety of styles available, many utilities are choosing to go with the traditional look of the dusk-to-dawn fixture, such as the Eaton Cooper Lighting Caretaker.  This economical solution combines high performance with easy installation, making it an easy switch. It not only makes logical sense, it will also save the utility some cents with energy savings and lamp replacement service calls.

At one time, everyone essentially had the same type of dusk-to-dawn fixtures, with slightly different features and benefits. Today, with the innovation of LED products, there are a variety of styles available to fit the dusk-to-dawn market. Dissecting the newest options can be a bit of a challenge. Below are few key characteristics to look for:

  • Warranty
  • Where is the LED driver mounted and is it easily assessable?
  • Photocontrol, is it rated for the life of the LED product?
  • Ambient temperature rating
  • Surge protection
  • Reflector options, full cutoff or highly visible
  • LED life, L70 rating
  • Photometric data available

For a complete comparison or to see a sample of our current offerings, please contact your local Border States Electric representative

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