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Border States’ Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Temporary policies to protect our customers, vendors and employee-owners  

UPDATE – July 22, 2020

As all states in which we operate are in the process of reopening businesses, we have put a thoughtful, measured plan in place to transition our branches to reinstating counter services. We appreciate your patience during this time, and ask that you check your Border States location page for the latest updates on reopening. 

The safety of our customers and employee-owners remains our top priority, and in branches which will be resuming counter operations, we have taken several steps to ensure the safety of all who enter our buildings.  

Please contact your Border States Sales team with any questions. You may also access information anytime by logging in on or by calling our Emergency HELP Line – 800.800.0199. We will continue to provide curbside pickup and delivery options at all branches and encourage you to continue utilizing these options. 


Temporary safety measures  

No Contact Delivery (NCD)  

We have implemented an NCD process to further protect our customers and employee-owners from exposure. To facilitate NCD, we will not be requiring a physical signature for delivery. Our delivery drivers will note or type in deliveries and may also take a photo of the freight and the person who received the freight at point of delivery. Our employee-owners are encouraged to wear gloves when handling freight and follow the CDC’s recommended social distancing practices to further lower the risk of exposure for our customers and team.  

Limited face-to-face meetings 

To limit exposure, we will be conducting meetings digitally or by phone whenever possible and may decline or postpone face-to-face meetings. 

On-site safety measures 

In our branches that have reinstated counter services, we have put several measures in place to protect our customers, vendors and employee-owners. These include: 

  • Plexiglass barriers at counters 
  • Portable hand-washing stations and/or hand sanitizer 
  • Limited access to some public spaces 
  • Mask policy for employee-owners when social distancing is not possible 

Additional purchasing options 

Another way to reduce interaction is by placing orders online at You can search products, shop and manage your account 24/7. Talk to your Sales team or click here to get registered. We have also compiled an online resource page with more information and product features.  

State and local guidelines 

We are continually monitoring the changing conditions in all locations we serve and will be adhering to all state and local guidelines for business operations. For more information on what your local guidelines are, visit your city, county or state health department website. 

We recognize the key role we play in supporting this country’s infrastructure through our customers’ ability to provide critical services in our communities. We remain open to serve you, and we are focused on doing all we can to support you while we work through the COVID-19 outbreak together.



For our employee-owners 

To protect the health of our employee-owners, we have enacted the following temporary policies at our branches and Branch Support Center (corporate office). 

Border States employee-owners: 

  • Are encouraged to use digital as an option for meetings 
  • Have been notified that business travel outside the United States is prohibited until further notice 
  • Are asked to eliminate nonessential domestic business meetings and travel 
  • Who test positive for COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has a confirmed case are required to notify the company immediately 
  • Who have been quarantined, and are able, will work from home 

We have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place to ensure continuity of our operations and safety for our customers and employee-owners. Our cross-organizational crisis response team is diligently monitoring the development of this outbreak to review and change these policies as needed. 

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