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Border States Offers New Cable Solution for Harsh Environments

Border States Electric is now the exclusive distributor in our geographical footprint of a new low-voltage power cable specifically designed for applications in harsh environments. The Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ Power Cable is built to withstand armor breakage, high vibrations and chemical damage while simultaneously protecting the environment and the safety of those working directly with the material.

Developed by The Prysmian Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of power and telecommunications cables,  AIRGUARD™ Power Cable has not only proven to be superior to other cables in its ability to endure harsh environmental conditions, but it is also a more cost-effective total solution, safer and quicker to install alternative.

Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ Power Cables are ideal for the extreme environmental conditions associated with heavy industrial and offshore markets.


Revolutionizing cable

Prysmian has spent more than 130 years investing in research and development to provide innovative cables and systems for transmission and distribution of power at low, medium, high and extra-high voltage.

Prysmian’s AIRGUARD™ Low-Voltage Cable is a product of that research and development. AIRGUARD™ is designed for applications in harsh environments ranging from drilling, extraction and storage equipment to platform and processing facilities. This state-of-the-art cable system supports major customers in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

AIRGUARD™ offers a solution to issues often encountered with MC-HL cables including armor breakage encountered during installation and poor performance in areas of high vibration (e.g. motor connections). It also offers a safer and lower installed cost alternative to MC-HL cables due to faster cable preparation.

Reduce installation cost while improving the overall cable performance in harsh environments


2015_07_02_350_3c__224_The ability to strip a cable quickly without damaging the phase conductors is critical in reducing installation cost. The combination of  AIRGUARD’S unique design and strategically placed rip cords allows it to be stripped up to two or three times faster than Metal Clad cables without the worry of nicked or damaged phase conductors. Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ cables do not require the use of a saw, as in the case of MC-HL cables, which results in increased personnel safety and reduces the potential for damage to the underlying core.

Chemical Resistance

Heavy industrial plants require cable that will stand up to corrosive chemicals and hydrocarbons. Whether installing in a direct burial application, in tray, or in the air, Low Voltage AIRGUARD’s proprietary Polymeric Layer provides the best protection in the market for the broadest range of chemicals.

Mechanical Resistance

AIRGUARD™ is known for its mechanical strength. When Prysmian’s R&D engineers were designing Prysmian’s new Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ it was imperative that the traditional toughness of the prior MV designs be passed on to the Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ in crush tests. It is stronger than metallic armored cables.


Not propagating a fire is a critical design of any cable for the industrial market. Low voltage AIRGUARD™ passes all the industry standard flame tests, including IEEE 1202, FT-4 and IEEE 210,000 BTU flame test.


Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ VFD cables are designed with three symmetrically placed ground wires and an aluminum or copper sheath to contain the generation of high frequency electromagnetic interference (EMI) imposed on the cable when installed in a circuit containing a variable frequency drive. In the event of catastrophic cable damage, this shield, plus the 3 ground wires, should contain any arcing and effectively conduct system fault current to ground. VFD designs up to 2kV are also available.

Product Range

Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ is available in 600V Power, Control & Instrumentation, from #16 AWG to 1000 kcmil. Standard stocked items include instrumentation cables, control cables to 37/C, and power cables to 3/C 750 kcmil.


Border States Electric Exclusive AIRGUARDTM Distributor within our Footprint

2015_07_02_350_3c__160_As an electrical wholesale distributor, Border States is committed to providing high-quality products from reliable manufacturers. We care about your safety, and we care about your business. The potential for labor savings and safety with Prysmian’s AIRGUARD™ cable made it an easy decision to enter into a partnership with Prysmian and become the exclusive distributor within our geographic footprint for AIRGUARD™ cable.


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