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Kyle ChristensenContractors know there are always two challenges with every retrofit: One, you don’t know what’s above the ceiling until you get up there. Two, things don’t always line up perfectly in the existing building.

The Columbia Zero Plenum LED Troffer from Hubbell Lighting solves both problems. Contact a Border States account manager to learn more.


Achieve the look you want, easily work within restricted spaces

This product is only an inch-and-a-half in overall depth; the depth of a standard t-bar. And, it’s perfect for achieving the popular architectural center-basket look.

Not only does the LZPT troffer not protrude into the plenum space, but it also has a patented telescoping housing that adjusts to fit even the most restricted spaces.

Lighting Demonstration

Installation is easy, and comes in a wide range of lumen outputs

ConfigurationsMany have started using LED flat panels for these kinds of situations, but even panels have a driver housing on the back that can be a problem. With the LZPT, all the electrical connections are made on the room side of the fixture, making installation easy.

These fixtures are available in 1’x4’, 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ configurations. They come in a wide range of lumen outputs, from 1,900 to 9,100, to ensure you maintain the recommended illuminance levels for the application.

Cut down energy usage

Compared to a standard three-lamp T8 troffer, you can expect to see about a 50 percent reduction in energy use. You can also avoid the maintenance challenges of having to re-lamp florescent fixtures all the time.

You can learn more about the Columbia Zero Plenum LED Troffer – and other LED solutions – at, by reaching out to one of our lighting and energy solutions specialists, or just commenting on this article.

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