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Safety Products to Get you Home Safely


How safety products save lives

One of our customers reported an incident in which one of their workers was saved from serious, potentially life-threatening injury thanks to wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) while on the job. While an operator at the PVC production facility was following all the company protocols and procedures, there was an accidental high-pressure spray of 400-degree molten resin. The operator sustained a direct hit. Thankfully, the worker was uninjured and able to go home to his family without so much as a scratch. read more…

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Products to get you home SAFE

Protective Clothing

Increase your visibility in low-light conditions and protect yourself from toxic chemicals, particulates, burns, flash fires and more.


Ensure the equipment you are working on is not operable with lockout/tagout.

Heat Stress

Reduce heat related injuries by keeping employees hydrated and cool.

Fall Protection

Protect yourself from falls with safety harnesses designed to eliminate potential injuries.

Eye Protection

Protect your eyes with many colors and styles to choose from.


Prevent hand injuries while working on a variety of projects with the right gloves.