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Apartment Lighting Design: The Future is Now

Given the rapid evolution of technology, it is surprising that lighting didn’t experience equivalent change, in fact very little since, the bulb was first invented.

Today, consumers and businesses can choose between three major types of lighting sources: incandescent, fluorescent or LED. But for the longest time, incandescent bulbs remained the popular choice until LED prices declined. Now, wireless technology has introduced the concept of a smart home, allowing for individuals and families to control bulbs, lamps and ceiling fixtures in houses and apartments.

As LEDs continue to become affordable and more integrated with modern technology, the future of lighting in apartments looks bright and promising.

Smart Apartments are Possible

Open Kitchen

It makes sense for apartments to eventually be controlled by automation technology. Smart lighting is the biggest niche, but technology can also enable occupants to control window shades and other devices, including audio, video and yes, coffee pots.

Current and future renters are also free from the worry of having to own the apartment in order to turn it into an automated living area. Home automation technology is convenient to install and does not require the interior to be outfitted with elaborate setups. Today’s technology is versatile enough that it can be placed inside almost any apartment.

Lighting Automation

Until the apartments of the future are built with total automation, today’s renters can look to the array of devices currently on the market. Of course, there will be limitations as to how much automation renters can place in an apartment. For example, renters likely aren’t able to install a smart thermostat because it involves replacing the thermostat and tinkering with the building’s power supply.

That being said, automated lighting represents the perfect starting point for renters looking to get a taste of what future apartment designs might incorporate. Products, such as the Philips Hue starter pack, come with a base station and a few bulbs. The CheatSheet said this automated gadget is ideal for renters.

home_automation_mobile_device_shutterstock_310707026__rdx_crop_The base station is hooked up and connected to an apartment’s Wi-Fi, and the bulbs can be installed in the appropriate lighting fixtures. Individuals are then ready to start controlling their lighting from their smart devices, create lighting schedules and more. No more coming home to a dark apartment or bothering with a single set timer if you head on vacation. Those perks, combined with LEDs, allow renters to potentially help reduce their monthly utility bills by a significant amount and enhance home safety.

In a sign that future apartment designs will incorporate automation, Wired magazine explained how one tech startup is working with developers to help bring automation technology into areas that are rented.

The hope is that if renters don’t have to pay for the costs upfront, automation will reach a wider audience and become even more widespread.

Not every manufacturer has an automated lighting system on the market, yet, but they are on the way.


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