WS-200Many modern conveniences are possible with Wi-Fi networking. Home automation and real-time streaming are just a couple of applications that have become an integral part of the connected home or office environment.

However, these new technologies are often only as convenient as the Wi-Fi systems that support them. Having the right Wi-Fi resources in place is key, so here are some tips on how to obtain strong Wi-Fi connectivity:


Install a stronger Wi-Fi access point

Home devicesOne reliable way to maintain a strong Wi-Fi connection is to increase the performance of your access point so it covers a larger area. That’s the concept behind the unique Luxul Xen™ High Performance Access Point series, available at Border States.

When it comes to homes and small offices, the Luxul Xen Access Point increases coverage area by as much as 400 percent over traditional access points.

Find central locations for better coverage

Location is paramount when establishing access points in the first place. Find a central spot, even if it’s not somewhere you’d normally use your computer. If it means running an Ethernet cable to that spot, your chances of having stronger service increase. You could even consider mounting the access point on your wall.

If your access point is in the corner of your basement, as opposed to a centralized common room, your Wi-Fi signal will likely be weak. To learn more about improving your signal, check out the Luxul Wireless Controller and Kits.

Use multiple access points with roam assist handoff technology

Border States has partnered with Luxul, the leader in roam assist technology, which provides multiple access points for premium Wi-Fi connectivity. Roam assist is often ideal for large custom homes where a high-performance router may not be strong enough to reach the entire house. Check out the roam assist technology available at Border States.

Interested in enjoying premium Wi-Fi with Luxul solutions? Contact a Border States account manager today.

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