Prysmian’s Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ Power Cable is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, but unlike other products built to do the same, AIRGUARD™ is also more flexible, easier to terminate, and doesn’t contain sharp metal edges, resulting in time savings and reduced injuries for your organization.


Revolutionizing cable

Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ is designed to reduce installation costs in the field while improving the overall cable performance as compared to Type MC and MC-HL alternatives, which can often be costly, time consuming and difficult to install. 

Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ is rated for installations in cable tray for exposed runs (Type TC-ER), conduit and direct burial. It exceeds the stringent crush and impact resistance of UL 2225 for MC-HL cables, and is permitted for use in Class I Division 1 and Zone 1 hazardous locations (TC-ER-HL) in accordance with National Electrical Code (2014) Sections 501.10(A)(2)(3) and 505.15(B)(i).

Enhanced performance with no cutting tools required and no kinks

  • “No knife? No saw? No problem!” installation makes terminating and splicing safer for electricians, and it greatly reduces the chances of damage to the conductors.
  • Low Voltage AIRGUARD™ provides users the ease of installation of a tray cable.
  • Superior crush and impact resistance as compared to MC-HL cables when tested in accordance with UL-2225.
  • Smaller minimum bending radius as compared to metal clad cables.
  • Prysmian’s patented Polymeric AIRBAG™ armor eliminates the concern of kinking or breaking of corrugated aluminum armor during installation or subsequent bending in service that is often associated with Type MC-HL cables.
  • Reduced installation costs due to increased flexibility, ease of pulling, and faster and safer cable preparation.
  • Less costly cable glands with significantly reduced installation time.


  • 2015_07_02_350_3c__190_ASTM B3 & ASTM B8 – UL 44 (XHHW-2)
  • ICEA S-95-658 (NEMA WC 70) – IEEE 1202 (Flame Retardant)
  • ICEA S-73-532 (NEMA WC57) – UL 1277 (TC-ER)
  • ICEA S-82-552 (NEMA WC55) – UL 2225 (TC-ER-HL)
  • MSHA
  • AIRBAG™ layer provides superior protection from the ingress of harmful fluids, hydrocarbon and chemicals
  • Rated for installation in cable tray, for exposed runs (Type TC-ER), conduit, duct, direct burial, and aerial applications in Class I Division 2, Zone 2, and unclassified locations
  • Permitted for use in Class I Division 1 and Zone 1 hazardous locations (Type TC-ER-HL) in accordance with National Electrical Code (2014) Sections 501.10(A)(2)(3) & 505.15(B)(i)
  • Rated for -40C/ -35C cold bend/ cold impact per CSA 22.2 No. 03


Border States Electric exclusive AIRGUARDTM distributor within our footprint


img_0106As an electrical wholesale distributor, Border States is committed to providing high-quality products from reliable manufacturers. We care about your safety, and we care about your business. The potential for labor savings and safety with Prysmian’s AIRGUARD™ cable made it an easy decision to enter into a partnership with Prysmian and become the exclusive distributor within our geographic footprint for AIRGUARD™ cable.

Border States Wire Services

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Border States offers a suite of services and solutions, including but not limited too: wire and cable cut-to-length and paralleling, specialized wire and cable reels, wire and cable scrap services, wire and cable pulling heads, and cable management programs. Learn more about our custom wire services here.

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